About Zhang Sisters

Meet the Zhang Sisters!

Hello, folks! I am Rosaline Zhang and here’s Tiffany, my lil sis. We were born from a Chinese mommy and a New Yorker daddy. Though, we’ve been living our whole life in NYC and barely get to come back to our mother’s hometown. What a misery.

Our big mama runs a true Chinese blood in her body and ever so often, she got our lil family hooked by delivering her top-notch Asian dishes (but mostly, Chinese) to our dining table over the years.

I am 247 busy with motherhood (yes, I’ve got married five years ago) and although raising kids are such a chaos sometimes, I’m proud to say that I deeply enjoy my life now. Tiff, on the other hand, is pursuing her journalism career as an editorclearly she’s on the right track!

On our weekly family gathering, both Tiffany and I spend our spare time cooking our favorite Asian dishes. (Oops, maybe that’s why our body keeps growing!)

Sometimes, Tiff even visited my place simply to cook me a dish I’m currently craving for. I mean, nothing tastes as good as homemade food, right?

So after a hot session of bickering, we came up with an idea where we can have a good grip of our overflowing tips on Chinese cooking style as well as lots of authentic Asian recipes that we’d love to share with people out there.

The next thing we know, The Hidden Kitchen is born. Say hi, fellas!